Educational Travel Management

At Destination Management division, we have a team of educational travel consultants who have years of experience in planning and implementing educational programs.

Therefore, we are familiar with the unique needs of student travel and the requirements of different profile groups. An enriching educational program requires in-depth understanding on the planner's part, i.e. the nature of the subject matters and the program objective. We work based on the guidelines and budget set by the school and thereafter liaise with our reliable partners to work on a program that will best cater to these requirements.

Unlike leisure travel, safety and comfort are top on the list of our priorities when we plan programs for students. We only partner with reliable operators abroad. And we will work within the budget provided or work with teachers to source alternative options without compromising the quality and integrity of the program. Our educational programs not only include destinations that have relevant educational value to the program objective, we also believe in adding elements of fun and interaction.

Learning is not confined to explanation by guides, our programs also allow students to have hands-on experience on field trips and exchange programs. We take pride in ensuring that every student who travels with us will have an enriching learning experience. Our systematic travel programs, plan, review and implement educational programs in line with your objectives. Call or email our professionals and let them take plan and manage your educational travel today.